Company Seals

We are manufacturers of Company Seals, Rubber Stamps, Brass & Wax Seals, Paper Embossers,Notary Public & Legal Corporate Embossers, & all types of Signs.

Our standard spring and lever seals and a large range of corporate products can bedelivered to St Helier centre premises within 2 hours on request.

Rubber stamps and other products delivered at no extra charge to your reception.

Email with your requirements for our rapid service.

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Logos can be included on seals and stamps and quoted individually pending provision of suitable artwork

Spring Plier Seal:

Spring_Plier_Seals.jpgA lightweight and portable hand held press. Manufactured from mild steel

The Spring Plier seal is supplied with its pliers in a PVC wallet to prevent damage and for ease of storage. 

Interchangeable spring inserts are sold separately in a neat white box to allow multiple uses on one plier.

Max impression: 35 or 38mm diameter. Max reach into paper: 40mm.

Common uses:- 

Embossing share certificates. Personal embosser (from the desk of). For embossing bookplates. Authenticating documents. Marking paper small images and phrases.


Lever Seal:

Lever_Seal.jpgThe Lever Seal performs the same tasks as the Plier seal but with increased strength and durability.

It is still still relatively light (1kg) and is ideal for desktop use.

Manufactured from forged steel and a gravity cast aluminium body.

Max impression: 35 or 38mm dia or 55 x 22mm rectangular format. Max reach into paper: 45mm.

Common uses:- 

Embossing share certificates. Personal embosser (from the desk of). For embossing bookplates. Authenticating documents and photographs. Marking paper and light card with small images and phrases. In the address version for embossing onto letterheads and envelope flaps.


Notary Seal:

Strong and versatile the standard Notary Seal is excellent for larger impressions and those that include fine detail. Manufactured from forged steel and a gravity cast Aluminium body.

The Iron Notary is capable of embossing thicker paper than the standard Notary but does loose a little on reach.

Max impression: 45mm dia and 50mm dia for the Iron Notary 

Max impression rectangular format: 65 x 32mm.

Max reach into paper: 55mm and 50mm for the Iron Notary.

Max paper embossing weight:140gsm and 200gsm for the Iron Notary.

Common uses:- 

Embossing share certificates and legal documents. Authenticating photographs and prints. As an interactive display in museums and exhibitions. Where large numbers of impression need to be taken.

6” spring, Markmaker, Heraldic, 3D Embosser and other seals details on request.