ZIP NVR 4, 8, 16 and 32 CH POE



  • Easy to use & Easy to Setup
  • H265 - Compression
  • Free Software (5 licences)
  • Up to 4K Recording & Output
  • FREE UK Managed DDNS
  • Built-In PoE - powers the cameras!
  • Free Remote Setup (if required)
  • UK Features & Design - Easy To Use
  • SMART Line Crossing Detection
  • SMART Missing Object Detection

If you're looking to fit an IP CCTV system that's as easy as it gets for installation and set-up, the ZIP PoE NVR and ZIP camera range is probably it.

The superb ZIP PoE NVR is child's play to set up, simply connect the ZIP cameras to the PoE ZipNVR with a patch cable and it will AutoDetect the ZIP IP cameras then auto-configure them for you! Now that really is plug and play!

The PoE even powers the cameras down the CAT5/6 cable so that no additional power supplies are needed for the CCTV system; this makes installation extremely easy saving you time and resulting in a quality, neat and tidy installation.

All ZipNVRs record stunning quality video and suit most commercial and domestic requirements.

You can set up the ZIP to record at a frame rate and quality that suits your individual requirements but typically it's used at 4MP at 12fps on each camera. The ZIP will even record up to 4K video for recording rates across the range.

Setting up remote viewing is really easy. Simply scan the ZipNVR's QR code with a smart phone and the phone connects the ZIP with no port forwarding required. If you still want to set the ZipNVR up the traditional way using port forwarding, this is still an option. Each ZipNVR comes with 1 free remote desktop set up for port forwarding worth £40.

The ZipNVR menu system is extremely easy to learn and use and has been designed in the UK over a 2-year period to be intuitive and simple to master. There are even help guides built in to theZipNVRsto make the user experience even better.

Each ZipNVR comes with "ZipVision" software for remote monitoring via a computer. This UK designed software is both easy to learn and feature packed. ZipVision boasts many features such as local PC recording, emails, eMaps, remote camera upgrade, Covert mode, exporting "Police-ready" files (AVI), VMD, Line Crossing, Basic face detection (in the ZIP cameras) and more. It's a great piece of software for a great NVR.

The NVRs have strong security features and to make life easier for the installer and end-user they have a built-in email password reminder system for "self help" password recovery.

The 4, 8 and 16CH model can power all the cameras from the NVR but the 32CH model only has 16 PoE outputs so it may need an additional PSU or PoE switch depending on how you wish to use it.


Zippy NVR End User Flyer