paxton.pngStand alone proximity systems are ideal for single door applications or sites with a low amount of users. 

Systems can be supplied with proximity cards or fobs or a mixture of both types. The standard compact kit will handle 10,000 users with 3 different levels of access in a traffic light system Red Amber & Green.  


As with the keypads the hard wired readers are available in 3 sizes but is also available as an battery powered self contained reader and handles

Each card or fob comes with a shadow card the system administrator notes the name of the user on the card and retains it. If at any time the user card or fob is lost the shadow card is simply held up to the reader which then removes that card or fob from the system.



For sites with high amounts of users and doors a networked system would be preferable as it is easier to program from a central point. Networked systems give a lot more flexibility allowing additional controls and reports.